The location of the buildings in relation to one another on the site creates an environment of internal courtyards. A large portion of these will be utilized for on surface parking, careful planting will be incorporated to reduce the perception of a harsh hardscape area. The introduction of parking basements has allowed for a podium approach to each building to be achieved, which will further enhance the public spaces on the site. These podiums will receive planting which wil serve as a visual barrior between the ground floor activities and the external parking areas. In addition to providing much required relief to the on surface parking congestion, the parking basement have allowed for the ground floor of each building to be raised off natural ground level thereby creating a vertical visual barrier between occupants and persons/vehicles in the parking areas and adjacent streets.

The design of the three buildings that encompass this development serve to create a dynamic modern architectural response to the project brief. To achieve this end, simple principles have been utilized to achieve maximum impact of feature elements. These elements serve not only as aesthetic devices, but are also incorporated into the environmental response required to achieve highly desirable office accommodation. Clear glazing has been utilized to maximize the visual connection between to street frontage and the internal courtyard environment.

The result of the above is a focus on the quality of the public environment and high quality open spaces and buildings in keeping with the overall philosophy of the precinct as a whole.

The Master Development Framework Document set up for the Forest Hill Precinct makes reference to the creation of safe, convenient and pleasant pedestrian movement coordinated with ease of vehicular movement and access to well located safe parking areas. This is achieved through the connection of the site to the boulevard connecting down to the Forest Hill City Mall and Mixed Use Developments.

The development will create an environment that, if well maintained, will enhance and add to the attractive streetscapes leading down the main Boulevard to the Forest Hill City Mall and Mixed-use developments. As the gateway to the precinct, the offices enjoy a highly visible position which provides the opportunity to impact greatly on the visual environment that is the precinct. Establishing an exceptional quality of environment through a high standard of landscaping both on our site and the adjacent street verge is critical to the success of the development.

Carrying through a simple architectural ethic and a scope of colours and materials is envisaged to assist in achieving the above. Lighting too will be important to enhance the features of the development.