The entity Billion Group comprises of subsidiary companies which contribute to the overall company function. These include Billion Property Group, Billion Property Services and Billion Residential.


Billion Property Group

Billion Property Group is responsible for all aspects of property development, with emphasis on retail as the catalyst. It houses all Development and Project Teams and is tasked with delivering a development from conception to conclusion. The Development Team comprises development directors and managers who are responsible for identifying opportunities and perfect locations, funding, planning and the execution of all pre-construction processes. The Project Team is then responsible for execution from construction phase and commissioning.

Billion Property Services

The services performed by Billion Property Services include asset management, property management and facilities management. All services required for our commercial and retail portfolio are therefore performed by Billion Property Services.

Billion Residential

Billion Residential is responsible for the development of all residential projects including stand alone homes, cluster development and the residential component of the golf estates and mixed-use developments.